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We are a soccer start-up on a mission and that mission is simple. Every time a customer buys a soccer ball, we give one away to a child in need. Every time you see our logo on your ball, you will know that a less fortunate child got their first ball because of you. When making the product, we wanted a price point that was fair to our customers and would make this all possible, but we never wanted to sacrifice the quality of the ball.

Our mission is to prove that entrepreneurship and charity don’t need to be mutually exclusive. We want YOUR passion to drive this business forward and to be directly linked with how many kids we can help. That way, the more customers we have, the more balls we give away. We believe in transparency and one of our goals is to make a miniseries of exclusive content that can only be accessed by our customers of all the times we go out to give away the balls to the kids. None of this is possible without you so when you see videos of us giving away these balls, you should remember that every single one of them is because you decided to get behind a company that you believe in. 

We are Humball, and we thank you for taking this journey with us.