Our Story


We are brothers from a family of 12 who lived in a refugee camp for 10 years until we were fortunate enough to win an immigration lottery and make it to the United States. This is our story and why this mission means so much to us.  Looking back, we still remember no one in the camp had a soccer ball so we would put anything and everything together to make a soccer ball. Our materials of choice were wrapping a few socks into one another and if we found some tape we would tape it all up. One day our dad came to us and told us that he had saved up some money and he surprised us with a soccer ball. That one ball changed the lives of so many kids in that refugee camp and especially ours. It made us believe, it gave us happiness, it gave us an escape from countless days of going to sleep on an empty stomach. As kids, we didn’t know where we were, why we were there, and the biggest question was will we ever get out of here? We had so many questions that felt would stay unanswered forever. What we did have though was a soccer ball, and that felt like enough for us.

These experiences showed us how much a ball can do for someone and how many other kids like us there are domestically and internationally. We understand that one soccer ball can be the difference between a child pursuing their dreams or not. The feeling a child gets when you get your own soccer ball is irreplaceable. Having a ball to play with will change a kids life but, getting that sense of ownership at a young age will have a much more profound effect on every child’s life. My family has always had this feeling that we needed to help people somehow and we know that there are millions of you around the world that feel the same. Sometimes it's not easy to find a cause that lights that fire in you. For us, there is nothing that feels better than giving children their very own first ball. 

We are Humball, and we thank you for taking this journey with us.